The LOCAL effects of climate change, that nobody is really talking about.

Or what mosquitoes can tell us about climate change.

June 2019, Merope is plagued by mosquitos… We always have had mosquitos in this area because we live by a dam lake, and on top of that we also live in the Danube region which is known here for the many mosquitos. Every year in June, amounts of mosquitos will reach a temporary peak after which in July and August it stabilises again to normal levels.This year, we feel like we are eaten alive. Keeping the work up in our gardens is challenging at the moment. I have to chose between the hot sun, or mosquito plagued cooler hours. We will have to start experimenting with natural sprays such as tobacco spray.

The Lake, when full and healthy.

But enough complaining about mosquito bites, what I really want to talk about is the noticeable effects of climate change on local scale, that nobody is talking about yet. So the question is, what is BEHIND these mosquitos, what is CAUSING them to be so many. And it doesn’t take long to find some potential answers: The lake these days is rarely full and always shrinking in size. This has effects on plant and animal life and the water quality is going visibly down. There’s more algae growing in the lake too. The algae and the smaller water mass are heating up way faster. The top layer of water feels like the water of a thermal spring of more than 30 degrees. I can joke that we have a giant private hot tub now, but every day that I swim in the lake, I am increasingly worried. I notice insect species that haven’t lived here before, the forest looks more jungle-like compared to 5 years ago, the plants have bigger leaves (not kidding). NATURE IS CHANGING, AND SHE IS CHANGING FAST.
Meanwhile, few kilometers further, people happily keep cutting away the oak forests of Bulgaria, and the rumor is out that the lake might become a fish farm for breeding in cages.

The same lake, beginning of June. Current water levels have dropped even further.

So, how much will it take? How many plagues need to swarm us, how many droughts have to come?
Let me tell you this; even for people who doubt the responsibility of humanity in climate change:

And i’m honestly wondering, ARE WE COLLECTIVELY BLIND or just to afraid to admit what is happening? Or maybe, humanity just isn’t ready yet to embrace living happy and in harmony?

How are you noticing change? What are you doing to become more resilient? Let’s not be silent about this. Share your thoughts and observations!

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