…Towards a better Future.
Regenerating inner and outer landscapes.

Our 3 pillars:

• Regenerative Ecology – LIVE

We advocate a responsible Earth Stewardship, understanding that we need to regenerate our Nature and our lands.
Permaculture principles help us move towards Self-Sufficiency and beyond.

• Personal Equilibrium – LOVE

Inner balance is a feeling derived from a sense of wholeness and harmony.
In our modern day world, often we find this sense of wholeness to be quite absent. Retreating in nature, taking meditational time or time for healing, and surrounding ourselves with a loving tribe, all contribute to our sense of well being and harmony.

• Creativity Community – DREAM

As humans we desire to create. The act of dreaming is a shared creative force field. We want to actively manifest a better future together with you, with our dynamic community of travellers and friends.
Arts, permaculture design, applied problem solving,… Let your creativity flow.

Each of these pillars represent a crucial aspect of a holistic approach to life. Most of our events and courses will have a theme focussed around one of those pillars. However, we always aim to incorporate all of our pillars into a warm blend of openheartedness and transformational energy to empower our true nature, and to build the foundations for a better world.